What’s this all about?

Life Groups are opportunities for people in a certain area to meet together informally on a regular basis. Here we discover each other’s needs and are able to meet those needs practically and on a personal basis.  Here we study God’s Word together and learn from each other the important lessons in life arising out of the Word.

Here we share each other’s burdens in prayer and are able to look to the wider ministry of Ridgecrest Family Church and pray for the ministry as well.

Here we meet together for fellowship & get to know each other.


What’s the big deal?  Our relationships with our Lord and with each other are of utmost importance. Life Groups are the core and life blood of our Church.

Why not?

If you don’t join you are missing out on a viral part of your
Christian growth and experience.

It’s all about connecting.  Connecting with God and with each other.

Take some time to:  



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